Choose your tonic. Here’s a wee bit of what we have.  A lot more to see soon…

In the meanwhile, if you saw something in the shop that you loved, give us a call and we’ll figure out what it was and send it your way!

Heavy bangles

Wave ring

Chevron bangle

Lunar and shape rings

Trio of bangles

Vancouver Island pendant

Spinner rings


Industrial Bangles

Wave ring

$45.00, Sterling Silver Wave ring …

Silver Bow Earrings

Sterling Silver Bow Earrings

wire wrapped facueted blue topaz gemstone dangling from sterling silver hoop

Blue Topaz

Price $38.00 sterling silver and topaz

sterling silver hoop with small hammered copper circles attached to the bottom with jump rings

Copper Chandelier Earrings

Silver hoop with hammered copper

sterling silver hoop earring with tiny fire opal rectangular prisms dangling off the bottom

Fire Opal Earrings

sterling silver hoops with fire opal gemstones

oxidized sterling silver hoop with wire wrapped gemstone hanging from the bottom

Blue Topaz Earrings

oxidized silver hoop with topaz

wire wrapped citrine gemstone dangling on the bottom of an oxidized sterling silver hoop

Citrine Gemstone Earrings

oxidized hoop with citrine gemstone

oxidized sterling silver rectangle pendant with silver bubbles welded inside

Oxidized Rectangle Bubbles Pendant

Price $94.00 oxidized silver bubbles pendant

small oxidized sterling silver circle pendant with silver bubbles intact

Oxidized Silver Bubbles Pendant (small)

Price $68.00 oxidized silver bubbles pendant

slim gold filled band with v arch

Gold V Ring

Price $32.00 gold filled ring

Large sterling silver pendant with silver bubbles inside

Circle Bubbles Pendant (Large)

$98.00 silver pendant with tiny silver bubble texture

Infinity ring

$42.00, gold filled infinity ring …

sterling silver rectangle pendant with silver bubbles melded inside

Rectangular bubbles pendant

$94.00, Sterling Silver rectangular bubbles pendant …

Long slim rectangle sterling silver pendant with 3 seed pods

Seedpods pendant

$68.00, Sterling Silver Seedpods necklace …

Oxidized Seedpods pendant

Sterling silver pendant of three seedpods standing together. Comes with a 16″,18″ or 20″ snake chain. Custom chains available. Available in either natural silver colour or darkened oxidized silver…

A small Sterling silver pendant by Honor Cienska

Bubbles Pendant (small)

$68.00, Small sterling silver bubbles pendant …

    Locally made, locally inspired.